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How does a good real estate agent stand out?

08 juli 2019

The importance of calling in a real estate agent is vital – it can be the difference between either getting your new home or not. But how does an agent proceed to ensure you get the house you want for the sum you are willing to pay, or even less?

Knowledge of the country and region

When you move abroad, you don’t know as much about your new region as the real estate agent does. They can assist you with providing essential information about property regarding ownership and land registry. What do you need to know about national or local legislation? Your agent will help you out.

Knowledge of the local housing market

Prices and demand can vary wildly, even from one township to another. A good agent uses their expertise in the housing market and gives you insight into the actual values of properties, which is a huge advantage if demand is high and supply is low, wherever you are looking to buy.

Having your interests at heart

Your agent will save you enormous amounts of time by handling everything professionally, but always from your point of view. Your agent is your representative as a buyer and helps in the negotiation and bidding process. Also, when you don’t speak the local language proficiently (yet), your agent comes to the rescue!

Extensive experience

A good real estate agent doesn’t let you pay too much for your house and doesn’t let you settle for second best. They ensure a professional completion of the deal for a lower purchase price than you would’ve realised (no offense) with no dubious clauses in the fine print. Their experience in civil engineering catches hidden defects like deferred maintenance, damp spots and poor insulation.

No surprises please

Especially in another country the task of buying a house is indeed a daunting one. Don’t be fooled by excessive prices or by not being able to buy a house in the first place. Call on your agent and they will take care of it.