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Dutch estate agent

Buying a house in the Netherlands

Finding the right home is quite a challenge. You are suddenly faced with lots of questions. Where do you want to live? Which property would suit you best? An apartment or a detached house? How many rooms do you need? In which area do you want to live? Of course, you will want to know beforehand what is financially possible. If you have worked and lived in the Netherlands for six months or longer, you may be eligible to buy a house! However, there are a lot of things to consider. A buying agent or real estate agent can help you during the whole process. Dutch estate agents are called makelaar.

Real estate agent

Using a real estate agent is very common in the Netherlands, and is advisable, particularly for those who are new to the country or are not fluent in Dutch.  It’s common to have both a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent, and each will have different roles in the transaction and have to be paid separately.  Why utilize a Dutch buying agent:
• Expertise in the housing market.
• Insight into the real value of properties.
• A lower purchase price than you would realise.
• The buying agent is able to translate for you.
• Essential information about the property regarding ownership and land registry. This is important as it is possible to buy a property without having the right to live in it.
• Representation of your interests as a buyer and help negotiating.
• Save time by having everything handled professionally.
• Professional completion of the deal.

Helping internationals buying a Dutch house

Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in dealing with the desires and needs of internationals. We’ve seen our share of houses. We are aware of the differences you encounter once you set foot in a different country. We go far beyond what other agents offer. For example, we won’t hesitate to advise you not to buy a property if certain points aren’t right. Our only goal is to make sure you are happy with your purchase. As a buying agent, Anita is an expert, a specialist in the housing market. She protects your interests as a buyer. She saves you time, problems and thousands of euros, thanks to her expertise, experience and knowledge of the market

We will help you find a property that suits you. We will advise you to have a look in the villages or towns and districts and neighbourhoods that interest you. This will help you gain insight into the facilities you can find in your new living environment and which of these you think are important. TIP: list your financial possibilities. Before you go hunting for property, go and see a registered mortgage adviser so you know what you want to/can borrow.

Clients say:

Pit Makelaar was amazing. Very good communication and very reactive. I found my apartment very quick and they handle the whole process for me. I was abroad during the process and to have them doing everything here was a great help. I really recommend!

Buyer P. Czn. Hooftlaan 49 in Eindhoven 13 mei 2024

I liked very much Anita, Emmie and the team. They were always very nice and supportive. The current housing situatie make me feel sometimes that we were bidding too high but only time will let us know if it was correct. Thanks for your time and help.

Buyer Libel 8 Veldhoven 27 februari 2024

Anita and the Pit Staff are all very knowledgeable in their field. From the moment we met Anita, she was positive in what she saw in our home. She knew how to market and present our home. We are extremely happy that we chose her and her staff. We would highly recommend her & the staff to our friends, especially if they are foreigners, as her English and culture awareness is excellent.

Seller Hondsberg 12 Veldhoven 23 februari 2024

Amazing support from Anita and her team. They were available, supportive and well informed throughout the process.

Buyer Waterlinie 98 Eindhoven 20 december 2023

Pit makelaars made the whole process of buying a house really easy for us, also presented us with valuable advice on how to approach different parts of specific part of the procedure.

Buyer Zeelsterstraat 235 Eindhoven 13 september 2023

Very friendly and passionate people. Honest opinions in the customer's interest. Competent and experienced. Very open to expats.

Buyer Violierstraat 66 Eindhoven 11 juli 2023

Anita is a very knowledgeable expert in the housing market, she knows the inside and out of the market, houses, and negotiations. Danish is helping Anita, and is growing as an expert too! I would rate their service on the high end of scale. I would their service in the next endeavour and definitely recommend them.

Buyer Admetuslaan 3 Eindhoven 5 mei 2023

The agent was always very helpful and considerate about my preferences, dedicated the time to really go through all documents and negotiate the best deal. Their expertise was very beneficial

Buyer Christina Bakker- van Bossestraat 40 Eindhoven 24 maart 2023

Pit Makelaars were extremely helpful and supportive and offer a lot in their services. For me, the process was very quick as they helped me to buy the first house I viewed, so I feel like I did not get to experience the full effect of their services.


Buyer 17 Septemberstraat 19 Veldhoven 30 mei 2022

It was very nice working with Anita, and we felt safe when choosing the house. She really thought about our needs, and advised us accordingly. Now we are very happy in our beautiful new house.

Buyer Comopad 28 Eindhoven 29 april 2022

Anita and her team were very friendly, helpful and made it possible for me to find my house very quickly. They made sure that the house was properly checked and supported me with every aspect of buying a house. I recommend the service 100%

Buyer Broederhof 18 Veldhoven 8 maart 2021

Go the great support from Pit to sell my house. Very kind and efficient services have been provided by them. I sold my house within a week. Very appreciate their help and support.

Seller Grasmier 12 Eindhoven 16 februari 2021

Great communication and service-minded. Huge market and legal knowledge underpinned with facts. The network of other companies needed during the process is the benefit.

Samir Barucija (Seller) Strijpsebaan 40 Veldhoven 2 december 2020

The communication went well and beyond every expectation. Reachable on the phone, email and social media. Very knowledgable and service-minded company. I will always use them and I can always recommend them as well.

Samir Barucija (Buyer) Pegbroekenlaan 73 Veldhoven 22 november 2020

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