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9 steps to buy your dream home with Pit Makelaars

1. Start searching 
At the beginning we’ll start mapping out all your housing preferences. You’ll get acces to Copaan, our unique advanced digital searching system where you can fill in your housing preferences so that you can easily see which homes match you. You can also easily keep notices at the houses and like or dislike the houses.

2. Your financials 
Before you go searching for a property, see a professional mortgage adviser so you know exactly what you want to/can borrow. Casper and Maud Beerens from Huis & Hypotheek are familiar with internationals. You can contact them at: 040 2230900.

3. Communication
We will create a whatsappgroup in which we will communicate about new houses. Also you will receive emails with new houses which come up in your searchprofile in Copaan and you can check funda for new listings.

4. Viewings
As soon as you see a house on the internet you might be interested in it is important to call/email us or the selling agent asap to schedule a viewing. We will attent you with your viewings. If you like the house after the viewing, please contact us directly so we can plan the next steps and help you with preparing an offer.

5. Investigation 
If you take a strong liking to a certain property, then request our advice. We will take a critical look at the property. Among other things, we will in this regard look at the maintenance needs of the property, the presence of any defects and any necessary repairs or conversions that need to be made.

6. Make an offer
Before making an offer, we will discuss the best strategy regarding the collected information and detemine the correct value. We also discuss the resolutive conditions regarding finances, building survey and items you may want to buy from the seller. The preferred date of transfer will also be included in the offer.

7. Agreement
Once your offer has been accepted, the sales contract will be drawn up by the selling agent. We will check the agreement and explain it to you. If everything is in order, you will sign the contract. The purchase will be official at the moment both parties have signed the contract.

8. Financing
As soon as you’ve signed the sales contract, you will have to contact your mortgage advisor to finalise your financials.

9. Inspection and Notary
The notary will inform you regarding the date of transfer and will draw up the deed of transfer. We will check the draft of the deed for you. Before signing the deed at the notary, together we will inspect the property and check the house is being handed over as agreed.

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