de sleutel tot ieders droomhuis

The state of the Dutch housing market

19 juni 2020

What are the latest trends on the Dutch housing market right now? Things have certainly been different these past few months! We have compiled the most important things you need to know about the Dutch housing market, including all the latest trends according to NVM numbers. Do you want to buy a house? Now is the time! 

Trust in the housing market

Demand for houses was enormous, rising steadily over the past few years. Demand always exceeded supply, so prices rose accordingly. At the beginning of 2020, there was a shortage of 300.000 houses! Since the initial sales decline because of social distancing, we see the number of sales increasing again – June has seen the best week in sales this year! Sales numbers are currently back at the same level as in 2019. 

People have expressed long term trust if we are to believe the most recent NVM numbers. Choosing trust over caution is great for the housing market. According to NVM chairman Onno Hoes, these facts show a strong distancing from negative prediction: “When buying and selling a house, consumers do not think short term but long term. It shows people have faith that buying a house is sensible.” 

More houses on offer

If you’re looking for a new home, now’s the time! The number of houses on offer has risen since the start of the intelligent lockdown. For the past three months, the average number of houses put up for sale per week is higher than it was in the weeks before corona.  

That means that there is more on offer, even in traditionally crowded urban regions like Eindhoven and Veldhoven. And don’t forget: you can find real gems when you look just outside those cities and into the beautiful smaller villages around De Kempen 

More difficulties for investors

The Dutch government is making it more and more difficult for investors to buy houses to let. Mortgage rules are tightening and there is the obligation of having to live in your property yourself. This is good news for honest buyers, since they have less ‘unfair’ competitors. 

Noticeable anxiety

Even though the increased offer is good for the housing market, it does not mean that the housing shortage has vanquished. We understand that it is difficult for you to find your way in a foreign housing market, especially in these times. That is why it is advisable to seek counsel from a local Dutch agent; they know the market better than anyone. 

Are you looking for a new house, or thinking about buying or selling? Please contact Pit makelaars for personal guidance and advice – for everything from social distancing in housing visits to finding the perfect home for your personal circumstances.